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OCBC Money Lock

2023 / Internet Banking Platform

OCBC Money Lock

OCBC is one of Singapore’s largest banks, and one of our agency’s long time partner.

In Q4 of 2023, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a requirement for all local banks to implement a “Fund-locking” service by the end of the year. Despite the unforgiving timeline and a government dictated deadline, we were able to launch “Money Lock” globally within 2 months of design and testing

While the OCBC CX designers were working on the App version of the feature, I was tasked to create the full UI flow for its “Internet Banking” version

OCBC Money Lock

Design requirements:

/ Allow customers to lock a portion or all of their funds from a single account in one seamless journey
/ Be able to easily track back which accounts and how much have been locked

Design delivery:

/ Normal Deposit Account Flow
/ Foreign Currency Account Flow
/ Global Savings Account Flow
/ Time Deposit Account Flow (For Day 1.5)
/ Edge case scenarios ~x21

OCBC Money Lock
OCBC Money Lock
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