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OCBC Money Lock

2023 / Internet Banking Platform

OCBC is one of Singapore’s largest banks, and one of our agency’s long time partner.

In Q4 of 2023, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a requirement for all local banks to implement a “Fund-locking” service by the end of the year. Despite the unforgiving timeline and a government dictated deadline, we were able to launch “Money Lock” globally within 2 months of design and testing

While the OCBC CX designers were working on the App version of the feature, I was tasked to create the full UI flow for its “Internet Banking” version

Design requirements:

/ Allow customers to lock a portion or all of their funds from a single account in one seamless journey
/ Be able to easily track back which accounts and how much have been locked

Design delivery:

/ Normal Deposit Account Flow
/ Foreign Currency Account Flow
/ Global Savings Account Flow
/ Time Deposit Account Flow (For Day 1.5)
/ Edge case scenarios ~x21

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